Situated on a long, narrow strip of land, flanked either the North or the South by the Sea, and ending in Cape Espichel itself, the Space Tourism Rural «between the sea and the sea…» was conceived to be a place full of affinity the surrounding nature.

Our house is situated in the middle of a farm with 30,000 square meters of land, including a pine forest and a garden with several lakes which takes you to a perfect agreement with the Air (pure), Earth and Water. All this so that each extend your fire, ie, their inner creativity, and thus in harmony with the Four Elements of antiquity.

The guest house has stunning views over the sea is 900 meters from the «Praia da Foz», a few minutes drive from the center of Aldeia do Meco and 1st naturist beach in Portugal.

For breakfast, guests can indulge with a boiled egg or an omelet made with eggs from the chickens (or quail) from own farm and at night, fall asleep listening to the croaking of frogs ...

«Between the sea and the sea...» is both a place to live a season, to perform activities for spiritual and cultural, or that encourage the connection between the immaterial and the terrain. Well, located in the Natural Reserve of the Capuchin Convent, the house has gardens with places that lend themselves to the practice of activities that harmonizing the relationship between body and spirit, such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, chi kung or reiki. By appointment, we provide contact guests with a massage technician or a session with a personal trainer.

As we have a room with 80 square meters and with a video projection system, under prior arrangement, we can host the lectures or workshops, covering topics as varied as painting, music, theater, dance, wellness techniques, new therapies, tarot or astrology.

As we are in the middle of the field, without connection to the public supply in «between the sea and the sea...» water and electricity are precious assets that we receive directly from nature: our water, properly handled, has a hole, and to withdraw the land use, whenever possible, the energy that is given by the sun Electricity comes from solar panels and thereby contribute as little as possible to the pollution of our blue planet.

In «between the sea and the sea...», early morning and late afternoon are visited by groups of wild rabbits and flocks of birds of different species come to drink water in the 4 lakes of the farm.

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Rua das Ferroas
2970-074 Aldeia do Meco
T: +351 960 278 064
E: info@entremaremar.com
N 38º 44.85723'
W 09º 18.81668'
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